Will Allu Aravind Be Proven Right, Again?What’s the name many say, but ask the same to the filmmakers, it becomes an issue of regret or rejoicing. Many times people feel the title worked against them or it became an additional advantage. This is because it holds such importance, and hence fierce debates happen over it.

Aha’s latest thriller, In The Name Of The God, is facing a similar issue. The two warring parties here are the producer, veteran director Suresh Krissna, and the Aha’s head Allu Aravind.

To put it bluntly, Allu Aravind is not in favour of the title, and he has two reasons for it. The first one is the English name. The second is that it unnecessarily draws religious attention. Both, according to him, don’t work to the advantage of the series.

Suresh Krissna, on the other hand, feels that the title reflects the content perfectly. Therefore, he doesn’t want any change.

On the face of it, one does feel Allu Aravind could be right. The title gives an ambiguous and classy vibe. But, it is not the right combination if one wants to take the content to the masses. It feels more so if one has seen the teaser.

The problem with a scenario like this is the result will be known only ‘after’ the event happens, in this case, the release of the series. That is the nature of the beast, and hence it leads to regrets or rejoices many times. So we have to see who, Allu Arvind or Suresh Krissna, has the final laugh.

In The Name Of God is a thrilling crime series starring Priyadarshi and Nandini Rai in the lead. Vidyasaagar Muthukumar directs it. In The Name Of God will stream soon on Aha.