Akhil-Akkineni-Thammudu-moviePawan Kalyan’s classic film titles appear to be in great demand. Varun Tej used Tholiprema title a while back, and not so long ago, Vijay Deverakonda locked Khushi title for his next film, Khushi.

The latest reports imply that Akhil Akkineni might be using “Thammudu” title for his next project which will be helmed by Vakeel Saab fame Venu Sriram.

But it needs to be noted that Akhil has a star family lineage. He has a family follower base to stand for. Would it be right for him to use Pawan Kalyan’s film title?

Akhil has the qualities to be termed a star in the making. At this point in his career, would it be right for him to use other star hero film title? Wouldn’t it be ugly? Question a section of Akkineni fans.

It suited Varun Tej because he comes from the mega family. But Akhil, hailing from the Akkineni clan would have to risk the legacy he enjoys if he opts to pick Thammudu title, opine Akkineni fans on social media.