Will Ajith bail out Gautam Menon?Now that the d-day is almost there we are asking a question that started the project Yennai Arindhaal in the first place. Will this biggie starring Ajith bail out director Gautam Menon and give him the much needed massive success he is looking for.

Gautam Menon is a director with great vision and immense pride,he wouldn’t do anything that doesn’t satisfy him. But unfortunately finances aren’t supporting him like the way he wants to. His grand ideas therefore are not getting to the sets as a result. Few of his films have been struck in cans for the same reason. Enter Ajith into this scenario and the director is hoping for a big bang that would start rolling projects that are either struck or he wants to make.

It is for the same reason that he united with music director Harris Jayaraj too. Gautam Menon wants to be seen as a salable commodity at box office and do projects that he likes. Will Ajith enable him in achieving what he wants? We will know in few hours from now.