Will AA be first double 50 heroWell it would be surprising to say that the film Son of Satyamurthy starring Allu Arjun is still continuing to accumulate moolah at the box office even after four weeks. It’s not big, actually its small amounts but it is collecting it on a steady basis.

It therefore brings us to the too near yet too far scenario. The film at end of four weeks has collected close to 49 Cr. Now looking at the number the first thing anyone would like to know is if it can collect that one crore and reach the 50 Cr mark. It would make Allu Arjun the first Telugu hero with two back to back 50 Cr movies.

Unfortunately it is something that none can predict right now. If the film maintains the same steady run it has been maintaining for another week and half till the next biggie arrives, it has a fair chance for sure. Otherwise it would surely be a case of too near yet too far for Bunny without any doubt.