Will a 'No Interval' Rajinikanth film work?

People who watch Hollywood films are very much aware of this ‘No Interval’ scenario. Aamir Khan’s Dhobi ghat had no interval than but it is totally a new scenario to the people in the South. We now hear that Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiyaan may not have a break. Will it work? If not who is going to be affected by it? The first people to get affected are the canteen owners who pay high rents to theater managements and milk the cash during the intervals. A ‘No Interval’ film will mean no business to them.

Audience themselves may not welcome this unless the movie is not more than 90 minutes. Peopla have got accustomed to this interval thing and may find it tough to sit down if the movie run time is more. One more major problem is some theaters randomly give intervals so as not to lose the business which may hinder the actual flow of the movie. But as we see, Rajnikanth is above all this issues. Lets see if he creates some magic like than in Chuck Norris jokes.