1 Yevadu Collections Records

With 1 Nenokkadine being released and garnering negative talk the focus has shifted now on Yevadu and the question on everyone’s mind is will this negative talk help the collections of Yevadu. This is a natural thinking that comes into everyone’s mind when two high profile films release simultaneously and one among them gets a bad talk. So for sure there is a strong possibility of this happening again. But is that applicable in the current scenario?

Let’s take a look at the films that released for Sankranthi last year. Both the films got an average talk and performed depending on the strengths of the stars associated. However in the case of 1 Nenokkadine and Yevadu both the films are similar genre and this is where slight problem arises. The target audience of both the films overlap each other. Hence unless one is extremely good the advantage that a film generally gets because of the bad word of mouth of other is reduced considerably. This is one of the primary reasons why the makers of Yevadu have been trying all along to project it as a mass entertainer.

Unlike Sankranthi last year where both the films were neck and neck with each other, most others have been following this trajectory giving memorable hits to the stars. Who can forgot the famous Mrugaraju versus Narasimhanaidu clash for Sankranthi. Similarly Mahesh Babu was at the advantageous end with his Okkadu that was pitted against Naaga starring Jr NTR. Couple of Ravi Teja films too can be named in this category that took the advantage of Balakrishna’s failure. The common thing that runs among all these films though is that they were good films on their own and whether or not they were in competition they would have been winners.

Now if Yevadu is such a winner there would be no stopping it from being a big success taking advantage of the situation as it would eliminate the overlapping problem mentioned above. Do you think it can, looking at the promos and crew involved?