Wild Dog Nagarjuna speechKing Nagarjuna’s Wild Dog is releasing on 2nd of April. The team celebrated the Pre-release event of the film as Wild Dog Base Camp Event. Producer Niranjan Reddy mentioned an interesting fact about Nagarjuna which underline’s the actor and his attitude.

Ahishor Solomon, the director of Wild Dog is the fortieth new director introduced by Nagarjuna in his career of around 100 films. Giving chance to young talent in 40% of the films is something unheard of a star probably in any industry. It has disappointed him lot of times but he never stopped. That’s Nagarjuna for you folks!

The actor also mentioned about it in his address. “The character of ACP Vijay Varma impressed me. He is a good human being, good husband, good father, and good team leader who is ready to do everything for his country. Even in real life, I like to be fearless like Vijay Varma. I always crave for novelty. I have been experimenting all my life introducing new talent who showcase me differently in every film,” he said.

Wild Dog has a positive buzz around it. The promotions have been aggressive. Nagarjuna is due for a big hit since 2016. It has to be seen if Wild Dog will end up one for him.