Nagarjuna-Akkineni - Wild DogThe makers of King Nagarjuna’s Wild Dog have released a new promo of their film which is more like Nagarjuna’s character justification video. Nagarjuna plays Encounter Specialist ACP Vijay Varma who is popularly called as Wild Dog.

A voice is seen saying Vijay Varma does not leave culprits with life in any of his cases. Vijay Varma is seen justifying the encounters. He explains a series of incidents where the Government left a few terrorists go Scott free when they held some VIPs for ransom.

He is also seen explaining the costs incurred to keep a terrorist safe and alive until the judgment is delivered. The examples of real incidents are narrated so that audience could connect to the story and the character. The other noticeable good things about the trailer are the superb locations and action sequences.

The promo is a good idea and adds to the film’s well-directed promotions. Wild Dog releases on April 2nd across the globe.