Sleaze Feast Ready for the New Year with Pouring Adult Content.The title Yedu Chepala Katha gives everybody an idea of what the next of the hero would have too. This time with double adult content titled Wife I to do with Abhishek Reddy playing the husband of the Wife I. The film is finally having a release this new year on 3rd Jan and is lacking this what Yedu Chepala Katha had then.

Though the Yedu Chepala Katha had nothing but the perversion and nudity, managed to get fair collections as they could grab good attention with the tempting content in the trailers and the promotional posters. But that has been lacking with Wife I where had a could of topless posters printed but it was not new from what they showed in Yedu Chepala Katha.

However, we cannot just say yet that the film is going to bite the dust. As there are not many such adult-type films are coming these days, Wifi I could be the only option a section of audience who love to watch some action on the big screen which can become an advantage to the film to draw surprising collections. Let’s see.