Why YSR Congress is Upset with Pawan Kalyan?YSR Congress is always not convenient with Pawan Kalyan as Jagan always believed that it was the Janasenani who distanced him from Power in 2014. Later when Pawan Kalyan started differing with Chandrababu, YSR Congress is all smiles as he will only increase the anti-incumbency.

Roja who used to hurl abuses on Pawan Kalyan went on to say Maa Pawan Kalyan on a couple of occasions. But then, things have changed drastically in the last two months. Pawan Kalyan started criticizing the ruling party as well as the Opposition. Jagan on a couple of occasions even made personal remarks on Pawan Kalyan which further angered the Janasenani.

This has panned into a war between both of them and the criticism on the government took back seat. YSR Congress expectation on Pawan Kalyan is to abuse Chandrababu and bring a bad name to the Government so that they can exploit it. They can not stand the situation of Janasena criticizing themselves which may damage them.

Pawan Kalyan who aspires to become a significant force in Andhra Pradesh Politics and for that to happen he has decided to be equidistant from both the Parties. It is essential that he criticizes both the parties. But YSR Congress selectively liking when he criticizes TDP and hating when he says something on YSR Congress is not going to work.