Why Will Naga Chaitanya Target Samantha?It is a know fact that Naga Chaitanya and Samantha announced separation later last year. Now, a dialogue from Chaitanya’s Thank You trailer has caught the attention.

The dialogues reads “Oka manishini pattukoni veladee prema kante swechaga vadileyyagalige prema entho goppadi”. This vaguely translates to “Real love is letting go off the personal freely rather than holding them forcefully. A few are now connecting this dialogue with ChaySam divorce saga, saying it encapsulates the reason why they separated and add that Chay is poking Sam with the same.

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But it needs to be noted that Chaitanya isn’t the kind of person who would incorporate dialogues related to his personal life in his films. Why would he even target Sam with a film dialogue.

Chay had been very mature while speaking about the divorce as he said it wasn’t to be and it was mutually agreed to part ways and he has nothing against it. He doesn’t come across a person who would hold grudges and use film dialogues to irk Samantha.

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As for Thank You, the film is releasing on 22nd July.