Why Waste So Much Time On NTR?Despite scoring a box office super hit with Uppena, Buchi Babu, who helmed the love drama is yet to materialize his second project. He has been trying to lock Jr NTR for his next project, and in the process, wasting more time than he would ideally want to.

Jr NTR is a busy man now. He has lined up NTR30 and NTR31 which will be directed by Koratala Siva and Prashanth Neel respectively. It would be at least two to two and a half years before he wraps these two biggies.

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Buchi Babu implies that Jr NTR is impressed with his script and is hopeful of materializing the project. But even if things go as planned, the project won’t hit the floors anytime soon, given Jr NTR’s immediate commitments.

After scoring a blockbuster with Uppena, Buchi Babu could have easily landed the dates of any second or third-tier actor. If he scored a blockbuster with his second film as well, it would have been far easier for him to land the dates of a top-tier actor. But he chose to stick to the prospect of directing Jr NTR right for his second project.

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Now, Buchi Babu will have to wait for Jr NTR to complete his current commitments. Until then, he will have to hold his morale high and work on the same script for the same hero.