Two days before the release of superstar’s Kochadaiiyaan, the film was postponed again for the nth time. It is now scheduled to release May 23 and let’s hope it doesn’t get postponed again. According to the producers of the film, it had to be postponed because there was some technical issue is dispatching the 2D and 3D version of the film’s prints overseas.

However, according to sources close to the film, the release was postponed because the makers are in a mountain of debt. A private bank had filed a case against the release of the film and requested the producers to clear a debt of INR 40 crore and then release the film. Since a whopping INR 125 crore was spent on the film, lot of money had to borrowed from financiers and banks. But, since the hype around the film has been dying with every passing day, all those who invested money wanted to be paid before the release of the film.

All this gives us a feeling that the film might not ever get released. While many don’t say it, but not everybody is pleased with the output of the film. Even the film’s trailer has received mixed reactions from fans.