Why-Vijay-Deverakonda's-'Liger'-Conspicuously-SilentAfter the title announcement poster of the film, Vijay Deverakona’s ‘Liger‘ suddenly went silent. With so many movies making announcements about their release dates, there isn’t even a buzz about ‘Liger’ and its release date.

Everyone is in a rush to block their release date as if flood gates are open all of a sudden. Having no releases for nearly 9 months have stalled all the activities in the film industries. That’s why there are many released this year, especially, many big films are locking their dates well in advance.

The waiting mode until now has made many movies wait before resuming their shooting and planning their respective releases. RRR announcement even caused panic among Bollywood biggies like Boney Kapoor who seems to be afraid of the clash between his production venture and Rajamouli’s film.

Like ‘RRR”, ‘KGF 2’ and ‘Pushpa’; Vijay Deverakonda’s movie is also a pan-Indian movie that would go for releases in multiple languages. A big name like Karan Johar is attached to ‘Liger’, nevertheless, this silence is something that’s very conspicuous.