Director Murugadoss’s latest film Thupaki seems to be doing quite well on the charts and the reviews regarding the films also seem to be fairing well. Starring actors like Vijay, Kajal, Vidyut and others, Thupaki is about is a resolute army officer, Jagadeesh, who on his vacation unfolds some plans regarding a serial blasts operation in Mumbai, and is determined to stop it. Also in the background is the romantic track of his involvement with Nisha.

Led by strong and realistic performances of the actors as well as the strong issues portrayed in the film, Thupaki has garnered good reviews from its audience. However people are of the belief that the background romantic with Kajal is a distraction from the main theme and takes away from the enjoyment of the film. Despite that, and the music by Harris Jairaj being a downer, the movie was generally entertaining. Good stuff indeed.