Why this silence from Mega family?

There was a literal storm everywhere when the news broke out about Pawan Kalyan joining Telugu Desam Party. There are many speculations and anxious queries when a News Channel aired a news that the actor and his brother Naga Babu met Nandamuri Balakrishna and are willing to join the Telugu Desam Party. Fans of both Mega and Nandamuri family are anxious regarding what is happening.

On the other side, Mega family remained tight lipped on these developments. Nobody are attempting to clear the confusion in people regarding this issue. Some people are reading this silence as some thing cooking behind. While some are trying to convince themselves that it is a trivial issue to be cleared.

Meanwhile there were rumors started sharing on web actor and brother of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan Nagababu, has reacted to all the rumors that are being carried out in a nonstop manner in media. He has reportedly said that Pawan Kalyan has not met anyone like mentioned in the media and neither is he interested in joining any political party as is being reported. He has also reportedly asked the fans to not care about such false news and getting worried as a result. But as of now we haven’t seen official spokes person or press note condemning this issue.

Lets see how this entire issue turns out.