Why There Is Immense Pressure On Singam 3 ( S 3 ) To DeliverTamil star Suriya has been on a downward spiral as far as his stardom is considered. His last big hit was Singam 2. Is it, therefore, any surprise that the actor is banking big on the third part in the series?

Unfortunately, the circumstance under which Singam 3 is arriving is making things difficult for the Suriya. Right from the initially projected Diwali release to the very latest February 9th release, there has been one issue or the other. The latest being the Sasikala one.

This time the makers have just made up their mind. The advances are open for the film in Telugu and Tamil. However, it looks like the numerous delays have lessened the interest in the movie as the advance bookings are not up to the mark.

With the future films not looking that strong to bring him back to the masses, a lot has to be done by Singam 3 to make up for it. Will Singam 3, therefore, be the big bail out? Can director Hari save the day for Suriya? Keep checking this space as the movie hits the screens in few hours.