Two big films, NTR’s ‘Rabhasa’ and Ravi Teja’s ‘Power’ are gearing up for release. The music of the two films is scored by S.S. Thaman, one of the top composers in the South Film Industry. Amongst the music numbers he composed lately for Telugu movies, ‘Raakaasi Raakaasi’ and ‘Notanki’ songs have become the most popular and have been topping the music charts recently.

If one goes through music album of ‘Rabhasa’, ‘Raakaasi Raakaasi’ song is the only one which has actually caught the attention and all the other music numbers seem to be not so different or catchy. Some of the tunes even seem to be very routine and bearing resemblances to his earlier renditions. The problem here seems to be repetitiveness.

The same thing seems to apply for Ravi Teja’s ‘Power’ even. ‘Notanki’ song has been one of the top chartbusters from the movie. But what about the other tunes in the film? To be straight forward, none could really make to be ringing in the music lovers’ favourites collection. In this case also repetitiveness has played the spoil sport.

If Thaman’s music is getting so repetitive, then how could only ‘Raakaasi’ and ‘Notanki’ come out as chartbusters? The reason is simple. These two songs are crooned by the star heroes of the respective films. Jr.NTR’s voice for ‘Raakaasi’ and Ravi Teja’s voice for ‘Notanki’ became the big plus points. And it is obvious that if a star hero turns a vocalist for a song, it is sure to get attention. To overcome the criticism that his music is getting too repetitive, isn’t Thaman using stars as a guise? What’s your opinion folks?