Jr-NTR--is-beyond-flopsWhat makes any star or actor being revered by audience. It’s either the entertainment the star provides consistently or the acting that makes people awed. When someone reaches that stage he is surely beyond flops.

In Telugu cinema if we talk about acting very few names comes to our mind and one name that is at the top among the current generation is without any doubt that of Tarak. It is his acting talent that has helped him survey the paucity at box office. It also helps that his competitors from opposite camp are found wanting on similar grounds.

With such pedigree behind and with him it is unfortunate to see the actor struggle on box office account which is what eventually the entire discussion has been brought to. Again this is because a certain supporters can’t stay strongly on that ground. Which is why Tarak must look at the Temper example with great care.

The actor has tried doing various formula films but failed on those films. With Temper where he didn’t follow any template and set patten Tarak not only got his second biggest grosser he also won tremendous praise from all quarters. And what it in return did was put all the box office talk behind. When films like this fail no one talks about box office and how would they?

So as Tarak celebrates his birthday today we wish the star who is beyond flops to continue the path of Temper and take bigger risks. For it is the risks and it’s payoff that will yield him bigger name.