Varun tej akhil acting ratingAs the senior star heroes are aging, the star kids are expected to continue the tradition and venture into films to carry the family lineage forward. Much hype is built around these star kids once they enter teenage and by the time they plan for their debut, they have enough time to groom themselves in terms of looks, hone their acting skills, dancing talent and of course get trained in action stunts.

But the latest crop of star kids who made their debut in the recent times seems to have ignored the most important one i.e., honing their acting skills and knowing the basics of emoting. They are failing to impress because their focus is mainly on getting better at dances and fights but missing on the key factor to establish themselves as an actor.

As a result, none of them had impressed in the recent times as per the expectations and hype built on them. As star kids they have the benefit of huge fan following and offers coming easily. For others, offers and fan following come only after they have proved themselves as good performers and give blockbusters which sometimes takes years together. Isn’t it high time star kids realise the importance of performance oriented skills?