Trivkram Srinivas Mahesh Babu Title Poor StrategyTeam SSMB28 is following a rather strange route to lock the title of the film. They’re dropping media leaks about the titles to get the feedback and then later lock whichever one gets the better response.

But this isn’t an effective way of locking a title for a star hero and star director film.

When Trivikram and Mahesh are coming together, the onus will entirely be on content. There’s no need to stress so much on the title. The value of the combination is such that they can make do with whatever title.

Moreover, the leaks are taking away the suspense factor and anticipation the title. After these leaks, even if the team drops a kickass title poster, there will be no hype or anticipation.

Trivikram is a man who could get good box office runs with unconventional titles like A Aa. When he is collaborating with Mahesh, he can set whatever title he wants and then generate mass hype with songs and teasers. Title isn’t the deciding factor here.

On the other hand, Koratala Siva is managing this aspect pretty well for NTR30. This is also a star hero, star director combo film. But there’s no confusion on the title.

There’s a social media talk that the film is titled Devara and the same could be announced on NTR’s birthday. There’s no clarity on whether or not this will be the final title but still there’s big anticipation.

Unlike SSMB28, there are no media leaks about the title. Koratala is handling this very cleanly.

Needless to say, there’s no title that will get 100% positive response from the public. These media leaks are only working against the cause of title poster release.

Wonder why a seasoned veteran like Trivikram is messing it up with all the confusion on the title. There are 2-3 titles like Amaravati ki Atu Itu, Guntur Kaaram etc in circulation. This is creating impression that the makers will ultimately lock one of these, which will then take away surprise factor.

It reached a point where even fans lost interest, and whatever they announce at this stage doesn’t matter anymore. This serves as a classic example of how the combination of a star hero and a star director can dampen the hype surrounding a title.