Why so much of fuss about NBK attending 1 audio?

There is a news that Nandamuri Balakrishna is going to be the Chief Guest for Mahesh Babu’s 1-Nenokkadine since the producers of Legend and 1 are the same. This news had reopened the wounds of several fans of Nandamuri family. Mahesh’s father Krishna made several movies defaming Senior NTR and also Mahesh is a rival to Junior NTR professionally. So both the fans are not happy with this news.

It is quite common in industry for some one to attend some other hero’s function on the obligation of a producer/actor/director. For example, Venkatesh graced the audio function of Thoofan even if he is not related to the movie. He attended it since he is going to do a movie with Charan. You can see all the directors of Dil Raju attends his other movie audio function due to the relation with him. Similarly Balayya is doing it for 14 Reels Entertainment people who are also producing his Legend movie.