While the original Dabangg was a major success at the box office, it seems that its sequel Dabangg 2 has failed to meet the standard set by its predecessor. With a virtually unimaginative main plot with the backdrop of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, the film proved unsuccessful of entertaining its audience. While subplots set in the background tried to lay down an emotional quotient for the film, it ultimately only diverting from the main plot and slowing down the pace of the film.

Regardless of some well choreographed action scenes are well choreographed and cheeky dialogues, the total lack of direction in the plot development area turned out to be fatal in terms of the film’s appeal to the audience. Even as Salman’s acting tried to bring up the overall level of the film, Dabangg 2 ultimately proved to be a major disappointment.

It will be interesting to see if Pawan still makes an attempt to take up Gabbar Singh in Hyderabad as a sequel to Gabbar Singh.