There is a saying in English, ‘People living in glass houses should not throw stones at others’. True. When we are liable to the same conditions, targeting others for the same isn’t wise anyway. Tollywood’s uncrowned number one heroine Samanta presently is facing the same situation. After the poor performance of ‘Sikindar’ at the box-office, Sammy was found totally absent in the social media. Otherwise she has been one of the most active persons on social media discussing puppies to regressive posters; everything in her vicinity.

Now, it is the time of Mahesh Babu fans who are making hay of the situation. Before Anjaan’s release, the actress reacted to media queries of her sporting bikini in Anjaan saying that the news is absolutely crap. She proved herself false after the film’s release. Her bikini act and the Goa beach scenes with Surya have been targetted. Kriti Sanon in Mahesh Babu’s ‘1-Nenokkadine’ wore decent outfits comparatively. Samanta skin show in the Goa beach song was over board. If Sikindar had scored a success then Sammy would have been on the safer side. But now she made herself vulnerable to attacks from hatemongers. One hit is enough for Samanta to bounce back. However one hopes that she might have learnt her lessons by now.