Why Ramesh Babu’s Son Missed Krishna’s Final Rites?The passing of Superstar Krishna has come as a rude shock to his family and follower base. His demise is one of the most talked about topics in the Telugu social media space now.

Coming to the topic, late Ramesh Babu‘s son Jayakrishna reached Hyderabad later last night. But sadly for him, Krishna’s final rites were completed by then and the mortal remains had been cremated by the time he reached here.

Jayakrishna then went to pay floral tributes to Krishna’s portrait that was set up at the residence. It is reported that the youngster got really emotional upon reaching the place as he couldn’t see his grandfather for one last time.

Jayakrishna had been staying in the USA and he has been training in acting. He intends to make his debut as an actor in Tollywood soon. He is undergoing the relevant training now and his debut shouldn’t be too far from now.