Why Rajamouli Deleted NTR's Scene In RRR?RRR‘s last and final censor scrutiny is done and dusted. The film has been accredited with a U/A certificate and the run-time has been locked at 186 minutes (3 hours 6 minutes).

Now, an interesting point in the censor scrutiny copy has caught the attention of everyone. In the “deletion and addition” section of the censor copy, it is mentioned that a scene pertaining to “Komaram Bheem” has been deleted from the final cut. The visuals and dialogues start from “Adi Bharathadesapu” and end at “Komaram Bheem”.

Now, NTR‘s fans on social media are curious about why Rajamouli deleted this scene, which, as per the censor copy has a run-time of 1 minute 36 seconds.

Well, one of the reasons could be that RRR’s run-time is already on the higher side and Rajamouli might have felt that it would be right to chop out the said scene in order to cut down on the run-time, albeit marginally.

That said, Rajamouli wouldn’t have edited out this scene if it had an integral role to play in the whole narrative, so there isn’t much to be worried about for NTR’s fans.