In a candid on his Facebook page, Rajamouli revealed reasons behind the making of Magadheera and why he cast Ram Charan even when Chiranjeevi thought it wasn’t a suitable film for him. Here’s what Rajamouli posted on his Facebook page.

I selected the story because of Charan. Initially both Chiranjeevi garu and Allu Arvind garu were skeptical about Charan doing Magadheera role as they felt that Magadheera might be too big a role to do in the beginning of his career. But I was confident. I think I can judge/visualize strengths and weakness of actors before they acted in my movies.

I mold my characterizations in such a way that it suits the strengths of actors. Charan proved with his performance that I am correct. I feel that doing comedy is the biggest challenge for any actor. The second biggest challenge for actors is to do subtle expressions. It is easy to express anything loud, but it is extremely difficult to express with subtlety.

Charan did an amazing job with the best expressions. He gives an expression when heroine falls in a valley in the opening sequence. He conveyed the expression of pain and remorse without moving his facial muscles. He did an amazing job. His expertise in horse riding also helped in two of the biggest payoffs (chariot race and bus chase) of the movie.