Actor Prabhas has suddenly express sudden interest to learn Kannada. This should not be confused with the fact maybe he’s doing a film in the language. He wants to learn the language because he wants to watch the Kannada remake of Mirchi, which has turned out to be a blockbuster. He wants someone to teach him the language so that he could watch the remake and enjoy.

Congratulations to my friend Sudeep on the success of ‘Maanikya’, the remake of ‘Mirchi’. I want to watch the movie soon! Some one please teach me Kannada. Prabhas posted on his Facebook page. Now, is there someone who could Prabhas the language or why not just watch a subtitled copy of the film to save everybody the pain of teaching a new language.

Prabhas is currently reeling from a surgery performed around his shoulder area. He is currently resting and is expected to spring back in action in a month or so.