Pawan Kalyan has spoken about Y.S Jagan in the gathering today, at Vizag. Though he did it indirectly, without taking any names, one could clearly understand who it was directed towards.

Pawan has criticized the failure of Congress government saying that they’ve made deals with the person who gulped 1000 crores of rupees, the money of the common man. The government searches for him vigorously and arrest him. Later, they come to an understanding regarding money and bail him away. And the victims of this act are the sincere police officers and CBI officers, who risk their life to catch the criminal. But the government sets the criminal free, right in front of their eyes. That corrupted, the current government is, he explains.

The points that Pawan has stated are true and are something the people must realize. But why did Pawan take indirect reference and not call out Jagan’s name directly, as he is now the president of a political party and he claims eradication of corruption is his single line agenda!