Why Pawan Kalyan promoting Reyy

In the past Pawan Kalyan has released several audios some of them were involving his friends and some people he likes. Mostly all these people had a single point that is to generate a craze on the producing the brand name of Pawan Kalyan. It was therefore okay when he released the audio of a film like Relax that no one knew about previously and it became a known entity thanks to the presence of Pawan Kalyan at the audio launch.

But for the first time Pawan Kalyan would be attending the audio launch of a film that had already released its teasers and a theatrical trailer. In short he is attending the audio launch of a film that has already gained a buzz among the audience. And the buzz that is on the film post its theatrical trailer is unanimously negative among the movie loving audience. Hence Pawan Kalyan attending the function of audio launch of such a film wouldn’t it be a wrong signal to the fans.

There are already murmurs being heard among the online folks because of this encouragement given by Pawan Kalyan. Is this because the actor making debut with Reyy is relative of Pawan Kalyan or has he seen something that we haven’t yet been privy to in the previews. Whatever may be the reason the film is now sure to get an initial eyeballs thanks to the presence of the star.

There are also talks in certain quarters that the actor ‘might’ have an investment in the film and hence the presence. We don’t know how true this talk is but one can’t help but think on these lines when one imagines the launch of Gauravam or its promotions where Pawan Kalyan was completely absent. Everyone from the family promoted the debut actor then except Pawan Kalyan. Is there anything to read between the lines, we leave it to our readers to guess? On the promotional aspect do you think its right for Pawan Kalyan to promote the film which looking at the trailer is not looking so positive? Share us your thoughts.