Why Pawan Kalyan is keen on those seats?
Excitement is slowly building up as Pawan Kalyan’s Political Reentry date is drawing closer. On the other side, the rumours are ripe as well. It is told that Pawan Kalyan is eyeing Kakinada or Malkajgiri MP seats to contest. But why only these two seats? Here we go!

Kakinada: This is the MP constituency with highest number of Kapu votes. Approximately 3.5 Lakh Kapus are residing in the area which will easily help Pawan Kalyan to win in case caste votes are polarized. However there are reports that Godavari region Kapus are not so happy with Chiranjeevi politically. We will have to see if it goes on to Pawan Kalyan!

Malkajgiri: This is the constituency with highest number of educated voters in the state. More than 50% of the voters in this constituency are educated and highly qualified. Also this constituency has 60% settlers from Seema Andhra and 20% settlers from other states of India. Contesting from here would mean, Pawan Kalyan is also equally concentrating on Telangana but at the same time his win may be guaranteed on the above factors.