It is clear now Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena Party will not be in fray for this election. The actor is concentrating on the organizational building of the party and hit the roads after the elections. He is on a look out for a office space for the party. Unlike most political party offices which are situated in the heart of the city, he wants to have at least 20 Kilometers away from Hyderabad. “I just do not want to disturb people”, the actor says.

Also one of the other major challenges the party face is a channel for communication. There is a huge support base for the actor but they are finding it difficult to communicate with him. “I am in no hurry. I will be readying the list of office bearers by the end of the year. Until every thing is in place, I will be the only official spokesperson of the party”, Pawan Kalyan says. Pawan Kalyan has identified few of his trusted friends and members of his fan clubs in the districts who are going to keep communication channels active until every thing is in place.