RGV comments

Ram Gopal Varma is one person who could find a way to lament against silliest of issues making it sounding as if it’s something profound. His silence therefore on the anti smoking government campaign was then surprising as it should have had caught his attention long ago. Well as they say better late than never, the director the campaign seems to have finally caught the attention of the director and as usual the director put forward his views.

For starters he termed the campaign as grotesque and said that the government is spoiling the happy mood of the audience with this ad of theirs when the audiences are in the theaters looking for entertainment and trying to forget all their problems. He went ahead and said that why only smoking and gutka and why not other vices which are spoiling the people in general which are all showcased in the film. Why not pause and issue a message each time a vice is shown in the film so that people get the message. He also said that in his more than two decades long career so far he has not seen anyone who has changed or quit smoking or any other bad habit because of such messages, it has to come from within and not be forced, he concluded. Given the sentiments of many that one is witnessing in real world regularly with respect to the ads, we think the director has a point. What do you think?