Jr NTR’s next film which is being made in the direction of Puri Jagannadh has been put on hold temporarily. While the official version would have us believe that it’s because the producer is out of town on shooting location of Ram Charan’s film that he is producing, sources say that might not be true after all.

There is strong buzz within industry that Jr NTR is having a revision of the script once again just to make sure that mistakes that he has committed on his recent release doesn’t happen again. We had earlier informed the readers how fans of the star were more worried about this film as follow up to a flop film more than the recent film being a flop. The star it seems is taking the words of fans seriously and planning to re-scrutinize the entire script once the producer returns from the shoot. So far the actor has not shot anything for the film though. We hope all these revisions and provisions bear some fruits in the end.