Why No Kids? - Upasana Answers!Ram Charan and Upasana are enjoying togetherness to the fullest. But for reasons best known to them, the couple has opted not to have kids anytime soon. This topic is often discussed on social media.

Now, Upasana was asked about having kids and starting a family and she had the most hard-hitting reply to the same.

In an interview with a noted Telugu media portal, Upasana was asked “When will you be welcoming Jr Upasana or Jr Ram Charan?”. To which, Upasana replied “That’s my personal life. I draw a line as to what I talk about. I do get a lot of comments but with all the social media exposure I have become thick skinned. I don’t feel I need to answer this question. You people will anyway twist my answer and sensationalise it. I don’t care about what you think,” she said.

Well, there is fine line of margin between interviewing and intruding into personal space. The above mentioned case is an example of the latter and Upasana came up with a befitting reply to the same.