The Ice Bucket Challenge to create awareness for ASL has caught like fever in Bollywood and South even. Many celebrities are taking up the challenge and donating for the noble cause. Some are declining the challenge but just donating for the cause. But the craze went to such extent that some commoners who caught up with the craze, even lost their lives.

Instead of Ice Bucket Challenge, Tollywood Jakkanna Rajamouli voted for Rice Bucket challenge started by a Telugu woman Manjulatha. This one is slowly gaining support in India. In this challenge, the one who takes up the challenge had to donate a bucket of rice to poor people. Instead of wasting natural resources like fresh water, this Rice Bucket Challenge would provide food for many starving devoid of two square meals a day.

Rajamouli thanked the social media for encouraging and popularising the noble cause and taking it far and wide. Rajamouli gave a call to people to join the challenge. After the creative director posted this on his Facebook, many shared his post and thus spreading the message. The director always showed his discretion and never went with the flow. Good going indeed!