Netflix-PrabhasNo doubt despite delivering some disasters post-Baahubali, Prabhas still is one of the biggest pan-India stars.

Given this scenario, recently, Netflix released a tweet wishing Prabhas on his birthday, where he is shown holding a cake in Baahubali style. Remember the Sivalingam scene or the one during the Baahuhubali’s climax scene?

No one knows how the creative team approved of using that pic to wish Prabhas because it looks cringe.

Prabhas’ fans are not too happy with this tweet and are saying that Netflix is kinda trolling Prabhas by using such pics. In fact, they are pretty miffed with Netflix which seems to have made fun of their favorite hero.

Rebel Fans are saying that Netflix is trying to make the Bollywood gang happy by posting such tweets. Whatever could be the reason, Netflix’s tweet has enraged Prabhas’ fans.