Why Mithunam was not selected for IFFI

As many as 26 Indian films from different languages have been selected for the upcoming International Film Festival of India scheduled to take place in Goa soon. One of the strongest contender for the festival for Telugu film Mithunam, which was critically acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. Surprisingly, the film was not selected for the festival. This means not a single Telugu film was selected.

Film from languages such as English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi and even Tamil have been selected for the festival. One wonders on what criteria are the film picked by the jury for the festival. Mithunam had good chance because it is definitely one of the best films in Telugu in the recent past. In fact, it was one of the deserving films to be in that festival.

Shouldn’t the public know on what basis these films are selected. Is it on the basis of their run at the box-office or how many awards they have received or any other particular reason. It would make sense if the public is informed why a certain film was not selected or even selected at the first place.