Why Maruti can not be a Rajamouli?

It takes a lot of modesty and courage to give the credit of a movie success to every one involved in a movie making. Prema Katha Chitram producer Maruti seem to have missed the same point. He provided the script for the movie and supervised direction while Prabhakar Reddy made his debut as director and Maruti supervising the direction department. However, Maruti is claiming the credit of movie success to himself. He even went on to say any one can direct a movie if a good script is in hand. Some people in Twitter are discussing Maruti’s statement and referred to Rajamouli’s debut movie, Student No.1 for which Raghavender Rao supervised the direction.

But unlike Maruthi, Rajamouli is modest. He tweeted, “KRR garu used tell everyone the credit belongs to me… I feel it is his…” He even went on to add, “except for interval every thing about that film is KRR mark..:)”. May be Maruti should take a cue from Tollywood’s most successful director.