Mahesh Prabhas FansThe Telugu Twitter space is a wild and hostile one more often than. We often see online fan wars between star hero fan groups. But this time around, the clash between Mahesh Babu and Prabhas’s fans has gotten so very intense that fans challenged each other for physical brawls.

Going into the story, an intense clash erupted between Mahesh and Prabhas’s fans on Twitter. It got to an extent where both sets of fans started sharing disgusting posts about the heros’ families. This further escalated quickly and fans started to challenge each other for physical face-offs.

A Prabhas’s fan in Bengaluru shared his location and challenged Mahesh’s fan to come face to face with him. No one showed up. Then the Prabhas fan left a case of bangles, asking Mahesh’s fans to use them. This enraged Mahesh’s fans.

Then came another Mahesh’s fan from Hyderabad and he shared a location in Hyderabad and challenged Prabhas’s fans to face him if they have the guts. He was even seen with a beer bottle in his hand on the main road as he challenged Prabhas’s fans. He then left, leaving a saree, asking Prabhas’s fans to take it and use it.

These videos of both sets of fans challenging each other for physical confrontations are all over the internet. In the end, no one came face to face with anyone and this all turned out to be a comical fare for outsiders.

While the heroes are focused on setting up larger than life projects and aiming wide fame their fans are busy throwing silly challenges and threatening each other.