Why-Mahesh-Babu--Anil-Ravipudi's-Turning-Out-To-Be-Dream-Movie!Superstar Mahesh Babu’s next is going to be launched on May 31st on the occasion of the birthday of senior Superstar and father of Mahesh Babu, Krishna. Previously, there used to be a teaser for the same date if there was any movie under production, which was considered as a positive sentiment.

Coming to MB26, which is how the yet untitled film is currently referred, it is turning out to be a dream movie for every Superstar fan. For starters, there is a blockbuster combo of Mahesh Babu with Anil Ravipudi, the director with no flops. Then, it is backed by Dil Raju and Anil Sunkara, two people who are known to give it their best publicity wise for the Superstar.

Apart from the combo factor, MB26 is going to arrive for Sankranthi 2020. It is also going to be the much-needed mass outing that fans are craving for a long time. The last such ‘mass’ venture in typical commercial style was Aagadu, which came way back in 2014. Like the fans, we can’t wait to see the star in a full energetic avatar.

Well, the list is still not over. The cast and crew of MB26 are also going to be super fresh and packed with the mass appeal of their own. Let’s wait for an official announcement, though.

With so much positivity in place for one flick, MB26 on paper is without any doubt the dream vehicle than fans have been waiting for, since a long time. There won’t be any message, it will be a vintage Mahesh Babu mass, after a gap.