Why Raai Laxmi Dating MS Dhoni Making Headlines, NowThere is a common belief among the audiences that actors and technicians talk about controversial things and create a new controversy for themselves whenever their film is due for release. This argument looked valid when we came to know that suddenly people are talking about Raai Laxmi and MS Dhoni.

The duo had dated each other long back and had been in a relationship for less than a year. It was really long back and there was no mention of Raai Laxmi in Dhoni’s life even in the recent biopic made on him in Bollywood. Now, Raai Laxmi’s ‘Julie 2‘ is getting ready for release and we see that the old news is making headlines.

Raai Laxmi is comparatively not a popular name in Bollywood circles as she did more South films and only one Bollywood movie, till date. The buzz is more on her dating with Dhoni as his ex-girlfriend and less on the movie. Such things suddenly come to the forefront only for publicity. It’s the way the glamour industry works, folks, Agree?