Why Jagapathi Babu Is an Asset in Aravindha Sametha Movie -Jagapathi Babu seems to be rewriting the savage looks and meanness of a villain of a story set in realistic backdrops where rural conflicts are mired with faction wars and dynasty politics. When his savage looks as Basi Reddy from ‘Aravindha Sametha’ came out, expectations and speculations began hoping that it would be career’s best performance.

Be it ‘Legend’, Rangasthalam’ or the current ‘Aravindha Sametha’, Jagapathi Babu as a menacing villain will not have a match for him in the contemporary actors. He did part well as a cruel faction leader and that look can’t be forgotten easily. He is outstanding in the role true to NTR’s speculation that audiences will come out of the theaters praising his prowess.

After ‘Legend’, it’s like rediscovering the actor in Jagapathi Babu who has been delivering memorable performances in his second innings after he decided to play character roles and negative roles, as well. Check our review to know more about his performance in ‘Aravindha Sametha‘. By the way, once Jagapathi Babu lamented missing him in ‘Temper’ alongside NTR. Maybe, his wish is fulfilled.