In few hours from now, it would be the birthday of Megastar Chiranjeevi. Its a day fans of the star have been waiting for from many months. And the reason for the long wait is something one has been privy to all along. Its about the official announcement of 150th movie of the star. As expected the announcement has been made and even special stills, even though totally unrelated to movie, showing the cinematic style and charisma of the star have been released.

It has been confirmed that the comeback film will be an all out entertainer with no message and such things. However a director for the project is yet to be announced which has now become the hotly debated topic among the fans. This discussion is also leading to some massive expectations among fans which might be impossible to achieve or pretty surely won’t be a cake walk for the star.

In the current year all actors belonging to the generation of Chiranjeevi have scored hits in their favorite genre. Balakrishna with a mass entertainer like Legend, Nagarjuna with a classy entertainer like Manam and Venkatesh with a different attempt in family set up like Drushyam have all got big success. Now fans of Chiranjeevi are not just hoping Chiru to continue the success they are also expecting the star to deliver the biggest success of them all, highlighting once again his stature as a star.

While hoping to have a success might not be a difficult thing to achieve, its the biggest blockbuster hit expectations which might be problematic. The actor has to get the perfect script and eventually the perfect talk to reach to such numbers. While the former could be a possibility the latter is something that would be known only after the film hits the screens. Do you think its alright for fans to have such ‘high’ seemingly impossible expectations so soon? Share us your thoughts below.