anjali next movie remunerationWhether she is in Kollywood or Tollywood, Anjali seems to be chased constantly by one rumour or the other. Whether she is doing films or not, she is always in news for her controversies more than for her films these days. Her recent controversies include her decision to hike her remuneration for her next project in Telugu.

The rumours say that she is approached to play the title role for an upcoming project ‘Bhagmati’, which happens to be a period movie. But Anjali demanded one crore rupees which shocked the makers and hence they are rethinking on roping in the actress. But for now, it isn’t even officially confirmed that she has been approached for the project.

The latest rumour is on her alleged marriage. A couple of days ago, it was all over the web, especially on social networking sites that Anjali is going to enter wedlock with Tamil star comedian Sathish. The rumours became so noisy that visibly upset Anjali has to personally deny the rumours and say that she would herself confirm if she decides upon marriage. Now the cine circles are wondering why Anjali is prone to controversies always?