Love Story - Tuck Jagadish - SR Kalyanamandapam -Raja Raja ChoraTThe Telugu Film Industry (TFI) is the only industry in the country having a proper theatrical run. Once again, TFI has seen the most number of releases. However, revival after the second wave is not the same as after the first one. Getting back on track is proving to be a bigger challenge this time.

The theatrical business resumed in Telugu cinema from July 30th. Two notable films hit theatres on that day.

A month later, we have had many releases week after week. However, only two films have managed to get success tag until now. But, even those two haven’t reached the double-digit figure. They are successful only due to the revaluation of the business under the ‘current’ circumstances.

Compare this to the scene after the first wave, we have had a superb start with Sai Dharam Tej’s Solo Brathuke So Better, and the Sankranthi biggies followed it. There was a huge positivity which then trickled on to the smaller films.

Things aren’t the same now. The mass audiences are missing a biggie’s presence in cinemas. The main reason is biggies from tier two failing to arrive on time. A clear picture of the box office would have been evident had Tuck Jagadish and Love Story made it to cinemas by now. It would have boosted the rest of the movie’s prospects. But, it is easier said than done.

If we dig further deeper, the lack of clarity with the ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh comes into the picture. It is a giant elephant in the room that has to be addressed. This, along with the uncertainty over the third wave, is keeping the audience at bay.

A release of a genuinely anticipated film is the only way to assess the audience’s mood. But, that doesn’t look like happening until October. Add to it, Tuck Jagadish’s OTT release and delay of Love Story is a big blow.

The month of September is now extremely crucial to see if there is a jump in footfalls at the theatres or not. The latest reports suggest a third corona wave could begin from October. If that is the case, TFI could be looking at bleaker prospects further despite multiple releases.