Why Is NV Prasad Buttering Mega Family?NV Prasad has produced Chiranjeevi’s Godfather. The other day at the film’s Success meet, NV Prasad made a fan pleasing speech about Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.

He spoke in favor of Praja Rajyam Party and Janasena now drawing claps from the fans. That brings us to the question why NV Prasad is buttering Mega family.

NV Prasad was with TDP previously. He contested once as TUDA Chairman on TDP Ticket but lost. TDP offered him Tirupati MLA ticket but he chose to be with PRP in 2009 election.

Kapu community is dominant in Tirupati. NV Prasad always banks on community support to gain politically and financially but he has lost ground locally as the people of the community were disgruntled that he always stays in Chennai and do not do anything locally or for the community despite being able to.

Local Mega Fans are angry with NV Prasad blaming him for PRP’s failure in 2009 Elections. He was involved in Tickets selection and electioneering in that election.

Later NV Prasad tried to be back in TDP after PRP is merged into Congress but Chandrababu did not allow.

Locals say that he is trying to be in the good books of Pawan Kalyan for a while now without any success. He is making another bid to attract Pawan Kalyan.

He is expecting some big fat nominated post if TDP and Janasena are in alliance for 2024. Buzz is that he lost interest in Tirupati MLA seat as elections became costly.