RGV---Sri-ReddySri Reddy’s protest is gaining victory day by day. From the co-artists to Ram Gopal Varma, the actress got the support of numerous people adding voice to Sri Reddy‘s fight against the casting couch in Telugu Cinema. RGV quoted, Sri Reddy, is the only one who is able to take it to a national level as every media house is covering her updates after that stripping act.

MAA has taken back its condition of not acting with Sri Reddy and invited her to the film family. Also, they have put up a committee to handle sexual harassment in the industry. Even Archana came out and spoke in support of the actress. While there is so much happening in the media, taking Sri Reddy’s strip protest, no big hero cared to comment on it. That is what Sri Reddy questions now.

Speaking to Archana in an interview, Sri Reddy asked, why the heroes who demolish hundreds of villains in one go on the screen and give speeches on women’s safety are not addressing the issue when there is a lot happening in the Industry now. Well, the reasons are obvious. Anyway, the protest is strengthening every day and let us see if any biggie comes to put an end to this mess with a reasonable solution.