Actress Kangana Ranaut is fast becoming one of the sought after actresses in Bollywood. After impressing audiences and critics alike with her performance in Queen, she’s getting ready for a negative role in Revolver Rani. Kangana feels nobody would be willing to marry her after seeing her in this film because her character is so different from what she’s been playing over the years.

She said her role is so different in the film that she fears if anyone would be even interested to marry her after the release of the film. In the film, she plays a rowdy-turned-politician who falls in love with a musician. She feels it’s a role that could easily be misunderstood by audiences and therefore feels he might be hated for the same.

Let’s hope Kangana finds a good partner post the release of Revolver Rani. Meanwhile, she is likely to return to the southern industry soon as she hs expressed interest to work with superstar Mahesh Babu.