Kamal-hassanKamal Haasan loves to don many hats. Besides being an actor, he’s also known for directing, writing, singing, producing and even choreographing. While many believe that these are talents that Kamal possesses and we all should be proud of him, lately it seems to be like he’s power-obsessed and want to take control of everything in his films. In a more suitable word, he can be described as a megalomaniac.

In Uttama Villain, Kamal’s next release, slated for release on April 2, he has proved it once again that he wants to handle everything. Not only has Kamal written the film’s story but has also penned most of the songs and even sang them. Since Dasavatharam, this has been a regular feature with Kamal Haasan in his own films. He somehow believes in the idea that he can do all by himself. In fact, he had planned to direct Uttama Villain, but since he had so much on his plate already, he requested his close friend and Kannada actor Ramesh Aravind to direct the project.

Kamal’s next will be a thriller set in Mauritius, and he plans to direct it himself. While working on his upcoming release, Kamal had planned this project. Sources say he will once again be handling many crafts of the film.